11+ Creative Writing Mock Test for Years 3-6

As exams get closer, it is recommended to sit for as many mock tests as possible to test yourself on different styles of writing under the exam-like pressure.

Suitable For Students:

  • Who are preparing for 11+
  • Who are in either year 3, 4, 5 or 6.


Course Details

Mode: Online
Duration: 90 mins / per mock test
Frequency: Flexible
Time commitment: 2- 3 hours per week

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What you'll learn

11+ Creative Writing Mock Test is designed to test creative writing skills and help children perform better in their 11+ entrance exams. Throughout the course, children will learn about time management, how to face complex topics, and how to craft their stories. Various kinds of writing prompts will improve the skillset which schools look through 11+ entrance exams.

Course Goals

We endeavor to prepare the students for the 11+ English creative writing paper that forms part of numerous Grammar and Independent Schools' secondary transfer test.
For students who are in the last leg of preparation for creative writing, this course will introduce them to various past papers from different schools.
For students who already know creative writing, this is a great way to assess where you stand and ensure that you have mastered the skills required for the 11+ exam
For students who are confident in their creative writing abilities, this is a great way to assess where you stand and ensure that you have mastered the skills required for the 11+ exam.
This course is a stepping stone towards mastering the different creative writing styles for the 11+ exam. It alone will not make you an expert, but it is a great way to evaluate whether any further work is needed.

How this course help with 11+?

This course will help the students familiarize themselves with real-life exam situations. Our meticulously designed mock-tests will help the students identify their deficiencies and improve upon them. Our judiciously measured program will allow every child to explore, create, and learn something new with every mock test he/she practices. Repeatedly practicing mock tests will help achieve the balance between speed and accuracy. The mock exams are timed tests and by practicing in a timed condition you learn how to manage time

How does it work?

We will send you 1 mock test, which contains a set of instructions on how to write them. This mock test will be based on different writing prompts that are common in 11+ and similar exams. Then you send us your work, and we conduct a thorough appraisal and get back to you with feedback that will help refine your writing skills.

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