Top 5 benefits of laying the 11+ foundation as early as year 3

Portrait of smart schoolgirls and schoolboys looking at the laptop in classroom

The 11+ Exam is a pivotal point in your child’s education. As it will most likely dictate their future path in life, it is perfectly natural to want to start preparing them for it as early as possible.

As you likely know however, the 11+ Exam is not easy! It is designed to not only test syllabus concepts are deeply and truly learnt, but also to wheedle out “the most academically able children” with questions designed to throw less astute pupils off track.

To be able to tackle these topics effectively, students need to ensure they have a solid foundation in the principles of English, Math and Verbal/Non Verbal Reasoning. This is absolutely vital, so for those in years 3, 4 and possibly 5, 11+ prep should focus almost entirely on the development of these core skills.

Although it is not beneficial to start throwing 11+ questions at students before their 11+ foundation is set, there are some ways to build familiarity with them and improve test confidence at a younger age.

So, below we have listed the top 5 reasons to start 11+ prep from as early on as year 3. These are some of the key principles that we have build KidSmart App around.

1. It allows you plenty of time to set a routine

When it comes to learning, getting your child into a regular routine makes all the difference. If they are used to sitting down for a short amount of time each day and focussing properly, they will develop their knowledge and skillset far quicker than if they did longer sessions over a shorter period of time. With KidSmart, you are able to see how regularly your child is using the app and how they are doing in the progress section.

2. 11+ concepts can be introduced early and slowly 

Many 11+ questions are different from the questions students will come across at school. In particular, verbal and non-verbal reasoning papers are designed to test innate ability and to not be coachable for.

In reality there is no magic to these, but if the child has not seen this type of question before the exam they are likely to be completely thrown on the day. So, what you can do is slowly introduce the concepts in bite size, manageable stages, and provide plenty of opportunities for practice.

The first 11+ like questions KidSmart gives to younger students are simplified versions of the real deal, giving them a nice stepping stone approach to follow.

3. Students can study at their own pace

By allowing plenty of time, students can take as long as they need to fully get to grips with topics and techniques of 11+. With apps such as KidSmart, you get the extra benefit of AI that reacts to each child’s abilities and responds by adjusting the difficulty to match their speed of development.

4. It reduces stress

By removing the need to ‘cram’ at the last minute, your child will be far less stressed when exam time comes around. They will perform much better if they are relaxed and comfortable in the knowledge that they have been steadily practicing for years.

5. Students get the opportunity to apply the lessons in other scenarios.

By being able to apply their learning at school and in their own time over long period, their level of understanding becomes far deeper and more ingrained.

For more information on how KidSmart App can help your child prepare for 11+, book a demo via Facebook message. Or if you would like the app, take a look at our pricing plans here.