Read 30 Books in 30 Days..drum roll

Group of people reading and borrowing books

OK, I agree that I made the title a bit dramatic. I am not promising that you will be able to read 30 books in 30 days after reading this article but you might be able to do that by using the tools I have mentioned in this blog.

If you are thinking whether it’s possible or not then let me inform you that last year AccelaReader hosted a 30 day book challenge to make people read a book, on an average, in 60-120 minutes.

(My intention with the title was to grab your attention and I hope that I succeeded in doing that. Let me know in the comment if it worked or not.)

The goal of this post is to talk about a few tools and courses that can help you improve your reading speed by up to 3 times.

One of the main reasons of slow reading is subvocalisation, as I explained in my previous blogs and so minimising subvocalisation should be on the top of your list if you need to improve your reading speed. But it does not stop there, you need to then train your brain to read faster.

Trying to do it yourself by keeping track of your speed and then forcing yourself to read faster is like going to a gym without a trainer. You will get results for sure but the results would come slower and it would not be as good as like hiring a trainer.

There are tools that can help your child read faster. These tools use a technique called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) to train your brain into reading faster.

AccelaReader –  allows you to change various settings and your reading speed. You can copy any text into the tool and then read using the RSVP tool. If your child finds the speed to be hard then you can reduce the speed and try again.

Spreeder – works just like AccelaReader and comes with 7 speed settings.

ZapReader – It’s a free service offered by the Spreeder team.

Apart from these tools you may also want to consider enrolling into speed reading courses for a guided track to progress.

SuperBrain – offers a free taster session. They claim to increase the reading speed by 3 times with this course.

Spreeder – apart from offering a product they also offer courses.

Why increase the reading speed?

The improved speed will have a considerable impact on the comprehension ability of your child. It comes with the following benefits,

  • improve concentration and focus
  • maximise comprehension
  • improve memory and retention

At KidSmart, we are learning about the various speed reading techniques and connecting with the experts to explore the strategies. We intend to add tools in the app to help improve the reading speed of your child.

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