Designed to improve your child's English, Math and 11+ skills

For ages 4-11. Tailored experience to match your child's pace and gamification to stimulate learning.


For ages 4-11. Tailored experience to match your child's pace and gamification to stimulate learning.


How KidSmart can help your child excel?

What if your child needs help?


We strongly believe that self-learning is an important skill to have. That's why we have provided

  • In-app explanations and answers
  • Oxford dictionary for words meanings
  • Videos where applicable


We recognise that your child may need expert's help from time to time so we have partnered with tutors.

  • On demand help by in-app messages
  • On demand help over call
  • On demand help by local tutors

We heard you say that you needed more control?

Daily Activity

Daily Activity

Monitor the activity on a daily basis and encourage your child to use the app everyday even if it is for 15 mins. Play the game or take the quiz.

Topic Wise Progress

Topic Wise Progress

Check the progress on each subject by topics and sub-topics. Identify the topics that your child needs help with and then customise the learning plan.

Strength Review

Strength Review

Review the childs progress with regards to various attributes like speed, accuracy, concentration etc. Set a goal and customise the learning plan to achieve the goal.


Reward your child with real gifts

Nothing can motivate a child more than gifts, toys or gadgets that they really want. Every child is different and you know exactly which gift they want next. Add that gift to the app and set a target to motivate the child.

We recommend setting a monthly target and a prize.

Review difficulty level for your child

The app uses adaptive technology to work out the right difficulty level for your child but our experience suggests that additional control by parents can help boost the morale. If at any point the child feels stuck, just relax the difficulty level.

You get more control over how your child learns.


Cognitive skills development methodology



Make and defend judgments based on internal evidence or external critria.


Compile component ideas into a new whole or propose alternative solutions


Break down objects or ideas into simpler parts and find information.


This thinking skill allows you to apply your learned knowledge to actual situations.


Demonstrate an understanding of the facts and making sense out of the information.


Remember previously learned information, facts and concepts.

We put science of gamification into learning


Feel good factor

Researches have shown that games trigger the release of dopamine which is a feel good hormone. This motivates the child to play more.

Increase Speed

Games require quick decsion making and when the same principle is applied to learning it induces long term effects for even subjects like Math.

Improve Accuracy

Repeatedly playing games improve the accuracy of the played content. We utilise this to improve the accuracy of solving math problems and correctly spelling words.

Inspired By Kids

Kids were testing the app even before it was fully developed. Each stage of the development kids were involved and the app was enhanced based on their feedback and experience.


We cover grammar and spelling as per the UK curriculum. But if your child exceeds the curriculum requirement then he/she can go even further.


We have designed games to improve the speed at which your child solves the fundamental Math problems. In order to excel in Math your child needs practice.


We slowly introduce the fundamentals early-on so your child does not feel pressured about complex 11+ problems.

Download FREE 11 Plus Practice Exam Papers

For Parents

We understand how costly it can quickly get when you have to pay for multiple subcriptions, buy dozens of books and hire a tutor on top of that. We intend to minimise the cost and eliminate the need to have to pay a local tutor.

All subjects under one app that is free to download when you buy subscriptions with tutor support. Don't forget to ask us for any active promotional offers and discounts.

For Tutors

Add value to your clients. You can join any of the several programs we have for effective partnership to help promote your tutoring services. Whether you are an individual private tutor or an owner of a tuition center we have programs that can help you.

Send us a message or book a demo if you like to explore the partnership options.