3 Techniques for effective 11 Plus Preparation

Poor studying habits is one of the major reason for the underperformance of most children preparing for 11 plus. Most parents do not put much thought upon the effectiveness of the techniques used. Imbibing correct studying habits can make a huge difference in the 11 plus preparation and the overall learning.

Let’s first look at the popular but not so effective habits that many children inherit from their parents.

Ineffective studying habits for 11 plus

Some of the habits that don’t work or are ineffective

  1. Long hours of study
  2. Memorising the material
  3. Studying the same material (or subject) for longer periods of time
  4. Reviewing one topic repeatedly before jumping on to the next one
  5. Reading and re-reading the text
  6. Highlighting the most important topics and then reviewing that
  7. Reviewing using the notes

Effective studying techniques for 11 plus

At KidSmart we are constantly looking at the researches published by various organisations in our quest for understanding how the learning works and how to make learning better. Let’s talk about the three most important learning strategies that KidSmart users follow.

Test before learning the content

The pre-test strategy involves answering the questions before learning the content. The pre-test method enhances the learning and improves retention even if the questions are answered incorrectly. The research show that “even failing a test or taking a test before learning new information, can lead to stronger memory for that information than spending the same amount of time studying”. KidSmart users benefit from this technique as the app tests the child with questions for new topics before presenting learning content.

Spaced practice learning

This practice is a bit difficult to start with, as our brain has a tendency to forget a lot. This technique is all about spacing the learning to multiple days instead of trying to learn all in one go. When you answer questions correctly you should park the questions and attempt again in 3-4 days to improve retention. KidSmart users do not need to manage this themselves as the app automatically space out the worksheet practices and repeats the question multiple times over a few days to re-enforce learning.

Interleaved worksheets

Interleaving is a practice technique where related topics are mixed such that the consecutive problems require different approaches. It enhances the ability to find and then apply the right approach to a problem. A contrasting practice is a method where a set of problems that require the same approach are practiced in a block until mastery is achieved. Research work has suggested that interleaved practice is a more effective method of learning subjects like Mathematics. KidSmart worksheets are interleaved where every other question requires a different approach.

Adopting the right methods of learning can make a massive difference in the learning and retention ability of a child. At KidSmart we develop content with the intention to enforce maximum learning and retention. By using the KidSmart app your child benefits from all of the effective learning methods without you having to do anything.

What is KidSmart?

KidSmart is the 11 plus preparation app for children in year 3 to 5.

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11 plus is a complex topic and in addition we have created a guide to 11 plus to make this easier for you.

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