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Adjectives beginning with r

adjective with r to describe a person

Adjectives that start with r can be used to describe a person. Here is a list of adjectives beginning with r with both positive and negative meanings that will help enhance your vocabulary.

50 adjectives that start with r to describe a person

  1. Radiant – when happiness shows on the face
    Mimi was truly radiant when she spotted presents under the Christmas tree.
  2. Radical – someone with extremely different views or something that is very different
    The last president transformed the country in radical ways.
  3. Rash – someone who acts with lack of consideration
    I know you do not have much choice but do not make any rash decisions.
  4. Rational – someone who acts based on reason and logic
    John is a rational person.
  5. Rattled – confused, nervous, upset or worried
    She is easily rattled by the slightest of the sudden noise.
  6. Ravishing – very beautiful, attractive or pleasing
    She has a ravishing personality.
  7. Realistic – to be practical
    Mark always takes a realistic approach to solving problems.
  8. Reasoning – to think in a logical and sensible way
    He spends a lot of time reasoning before coming to any conclusion.
  9. Reassuring – reduce the worry and restore confidence
    He was extremely reassuring during these troubled times.
  10. Rebellious – someone who resist control
    His rebellious attitude is undoubtedly going to put him in trouble one day.
  11. Reckless – careless or lack of consideration for consequences
    His reckless behaviour has cost him his job.
  12. Reclusive – does not like to be in society
    He turned reclusive after the divorce.
  13. Reddened – to blush
    Her face reddened when he asked her for a dance.
  14. Refined – with good manners
    When Trevor asked to marry Sasha, she immediately agreed to marry such a refined person.
  15. Reflective – thoughtful; a person who thinks things through
    I am confident that due to her reflective personality she will carefully consider the investment.
  16. Regardful – mindful of or pay attention to others feelings
    Chris is regardful of others and this has earned him a lot of respect in the society.
  17. Reliable – someone that can be trusted
    Peter is a reliable employee and bears the keys to the store.
  18. Relieved – feel relaxed and worry-free
    He was relieved to find everyone safe after a night of heavy storm and rain.
  19. Reluctant – showing hesitation or unwillingness
    I was a bit reluctant to try the new store.
  20. Remarkable – someone who is extraordinary
    The new initiative allows remarkable women to showcase their talent.
  21. Remorseful – someone who is really sorry or feel guilty
    He was remorseful of his actions.
  22. Remorseless – someone who has no regret or guilt
    He was remorseless in front of the jury.
  23. Repellant – someone who tends to ward off
    His repellant attitude resulted in her divorce with him.
  24. Reposeful – someone who has a calm and soothing personality
    As soon as he entered the room it filled everyone with his reposeful personality.
  25. Repugnant – cause a feeling of dislike or disgust
    Despite her great efforts, the whole arrangement was repugnant to him.
  26. Repulsive – whos behaviour arouses dislike
    My son, dressed like a repulsive witch, won the Halloween costume competition.
  27. Reputable – someone with a good reputation, reliable and can be trusted
    We bought our new car from a reputable dealer in our home town.
  28. Resentful – filled with bitterness and anger; annoyed or ashamed due to unfair treatment
    Anthony was resentful of childhood times when Ariana stole all the attention of his parents with her singing.
  29. Reserved – someone who doesn’t share feelings and emotions
    You have to be very patient when dealing with a reserved child.
  30. Resounding – definite
    After a resounding success of her show, she decided to retire and move to the countryside.
  31. Resourceful – capable of finding ways to solve any problems
    People love him for being a resourceful leader and he remained in the presidency for the second term.
  32. Respectable – worthy of respect or of good reputation
    The sheriff was a respectable member of the town.
  33. Resplendent – impressive, rich and expensive
    The palace was resplendent with marble floors, gold plated doors and paintings covering the walls.
  34. Responsible – obliged to do something
    Jack is responsible for opening the store at 5 am in the morning.
  35. Restful – calm, quiet and soothing
    Without the kids, it was a restful holiday at the Isle of Wight.
  36. Restive – unable to remain calm, silent and still
    Every morning, John’s dogs become restive when he leaves for work.
  37. Restless – unable to relax
    I had a restless night due to lower back pain.
  38. Restrained – something that’s kept under control and cannot move
    He was restrained to the chair while the officers interrogated regarding the murder.
  39. Reticent – unwilling to speak
    Saima was extremely reticent of discussing religious matters.
    (Do not confuse with reluctant which means unwilling to do something.)
  40. Revengeful – determined to revenge or get even
    Rocky devised a revengeful plan after the gangsters killed his stepdaughter.
  41. Reverent – shows respect
    My friend is a reverent person as she always thanks God before eating meals.
  42. Riant – cheerful manners
    Everyone fell in love with her riant personality.
  43. Righteous – to be right
    Hundreds of medical students felt it was their righteous duty to look after the sick despite the risk of the killer virus.
  44. Rigid – cannot be bent
    His rigid principles helped bring back the discipline.
  45. Riled – to annoy or make someone angry
    Martha grinned when she saw him all riled up.
  46. Riotous – causing public disorder
    His riotous speech led to countless protests and mass unrest.
  47. Risible – ridiculous and funny
    She never gave up, even after countless risible attempts to learn violin.
  48. Roiled – become annoyed and irritated
    I was filled with roiled emotions after listening to her speech.
  49. Revered – filled with deep respect and admiration
    Nurses are revered as heroes for their contribution to NHS during the pandemic.
  50. Rumpled – wrinkled, crumpled and untidy
    He was found lying on the street with rumpled clothes and messy hair.

The above list of adjectives beginning with r will help enhance your vocabulary.

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