Why work on improving vocabulary?

Vocabulary is an indispensable tool to make your writing more powerful, creative and effective. Using the right words and avoiding vague words will help you say exactly what you mean. For the 11 plus exam, it is vital to get the 11 plus vocabulary expanded to include words from various topics, moods, settings, emotions etc. Having a good range of words and their synonyms in your repertoire to pull out to showcase your writing skills.

Writing Example

"I got tired after running up the hill."

Better expressed,
"I was gasping for breath after the strides up the hill scuttling my way up."

Vocabulary building is much more than learning the meaning of a word

Vocabulary building is stimulating your brain to expand your expressive vocabulary

  • Knowing the root word, prefixes, suffixes and infixes can take you a long way with vocabulary building.
  • Developing practical vocabulary by learning words that you can use in your day to day activity instead of focusing on cliches and jargon.
  • Diversifying reading list to a range of topics you read to include natural science, contemporary literature, politics,
  • history, philosophy or any other topics.
  • New words take time to settle in the memory - it takes you around 20 usages before a word settles in your mind.
  • Move words from comprehensive vocabulary to expressive vocabulary
  • Always have a dictionary handy as you may need to lookup a new word you are not familiar with.
  • Hunt down vague words and replace them with better alternatives (i.e. synonyms).
  • Play word games
  • Test yourself for new words
  • Read, read, read.
  • Write, edit, edit.

11 Plus Vocabulary Cloud

These are just a few of the words from our bank of thousands of 11 plus vocabulary words. Click on the words to explore them with our in-built dictionary.