11+ Creative Writing Solved Past Papers

Give your child an edge over others and maximise the chances of success in 11+ entrance exam by practicing hundreds of 11 plus creative writing past papers already marked by our tutors with detailed explanation. Our tutors are constantly filling our system with questions from more past papers.

Suitable For Students:

  • Who are preparing for 11+
  • Who are in either year 3, 4, 5 or 6.

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What do you get?

Mode: Online
Duration: Flexible
Frequency: Flexible
Time commitment: 2 hours per week

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180+ English Papers

2590+ Questions

130+ Hours of practice

What you'll learn

This course is designed to foster a child's cognitive development and instill the confidence required to face competitive/entrance exams.
It will help a student familiarize himself/herself with the complexity of topics common in 11+ exams.
Different kinds of writing prompts will enhance the skillset as the child gets acquainted with the various techniques and styles simultaneously.

Course Goals

We endeavour to prepare the students for the 11+ English creative writing paper that forms part of numerous Grammar and Independent Schools' secondary transfer test.
For students who are in the last leg of preparation for creative writing, this course will introduce them to various past papers from different schools.
For students who are confident in their creative writing abilities, this is a great way to assess where you stand and ensure that you have mastered the skills required for the 11+ exam.
This course is a stepping stone towards mastering the different creative writing styles for the 11+ exam. It alone will not make you an expert, but it is a great way to evaluate whether any further work is needed.

How this course help with 11+?

This course will help the students familiarize themselves with real-life exam situations. Our meticulous curation of past papers will help the students identify their deficiencies and improve upon them. Our judiciously measured program will allow every child to explore, create, and learn something new with every past paper he/she practices.

How does it work?

After purchasing the course, you will get login details and dashboard access to the numerous English past papers belonging to multiple schools. These papers are based on different writing prompts that are common in 11+ and similar exams. You can download these papers and mark them online and get the data on your weekly progression directly on the dashboard. It will help you overcome your weaknesses and refine your writing skills.

Course Content

Why use guided creative writing

Why choose us?

Our creative writing courses are tailored to instill a long-lasting passion for creative writing. Our 11+ creative writing solved past papers are scrupulously curated to develop and nurture all the essential techniques relevant for 11+ exams. Even if the student is not preparing for an 11+ entrance exam, these papers are a valuable asset for other exams, including SATS. Our courses are result-oriented, and we take pride in our evaluation process; it helps the child understand their mistakes and figure out how they can improve and make their creative writing more effective.

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