Our Story

Did you know that online learning may be more engaging than classroom learning? A recent study showed that students who learn online feel less intimidated about participating, and their interaction level is higher.

Because online learning is more flexible than classroom-based learning, students can work at their own pace. If your child needs more time to grasp a concept, they can take it. If they want to work faster, they can. Fewer distractions and obstacles create the ideal learning environment for your child.

At Kidsmart, we help children strengthen the foundation and prepare for their entrance exams. Digital learning is provided through video lessons, worksheets, incentives, and on-chat tutoring inside one easy-to-navigate app. Kidsmart delivers support for maths, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, reading, comprehension, creative writing, and verbal reasoning. Our primary goal is to provide quality education to help your child get into the UK's best schools.

How does it work?

Learning at home should be fun. Kidsmart uses a traditional educational approach that incorporates game-like elements (avatars, badges, stars and stickers, trophies, and KidCoins) to motivate and engage your child, without sticking them in front of a video game.

Students see badges their peers earn, which creates a sense of sociability, connection, and gentle competition. Kidsmart takes incentive one step further by involving you. KidCoins can be redeemed for gifts, like time on Wifi and trips to Legoland. Your child might even trade 2,500 KidCoins for you to clean up their room. Kids love this!

Kidsmart is a learning platform, NOT a gaming platform. If children arrive believing they are gaming, they could lose interest because educational gaming cannot compete with the level found on dedicated gaming sites. However, if children show up ready to learn and are acknowledged with game-like rewards, their learning experience is enjoyable. Enjoyment activates the dopamine effect, which has been shown to enhance learning, sustain motivation, and increase retention.

Moving away from rote learning, which is passive, Kidsmart promotes meaningful thinking and creative questioning by using research-based methods to maximize your child's education and provide life skills.

Research methods include test before learning, spaced learning, and interleaving learning (mixing related topics). For example, KidSmart users benefit from a test before learning process that tests your child on new topics before presenting the learning content. This has been shown to enhance memory.

Adopting the right learning methods can make a massive difference in the outcomes for your child. At KidSmart, our content is developed with retention in mind. Using the KidSmart app, your child benefits from learning methods that encourage engagement, confidence, and ability, and the opportunity to apply to your child's first choice grammar school.


Our Founder

Baljeet Dogra, who lives in London, is a parent of two young children, and went through the pain of deciphering the UK education system. As a Senior Technology Consultant with 15 years of IT experience, he developed apps like Neighbrz, and Findacareer, and teaches coding and robotics to children in his spare time. Baljeet's daughter secured a place at a top school using Kidsmart.

There was a lack of good primary education products in the market that truly delivered the promise of keeping my children engaged - says Baljeet