KidSmart was founded in 2017 when our founder, Baljeet Dogra, realized that there was a lack of good primary education products in the market that truly delivered the promise of keeping his children engaged. His daughter, who was then in year 4, did not like the website that her school enrolled her to for spelling practice. Simply, because it was a website and not an app on her iPad.

Made for his son and daughter

Our founder, like any other parent, wanted the best in the market for his kids. After trying dozens of apps, he finally decided to craft one of his own to ensure that his kids can make the most of the learning. He made it just for his son and daughter but when other parents and friends started asking for the app, he decided that he should make it available to all other parents who are looking for a smart product for their child. His own children have been using the app for more than a year.

We have put the science of gamification into learning

Learning when mixed with games does not produce effective results and this is where most of the games based learning tools have failed. When you are playing a game you tend to use strategy a lot but there is not enough time to pause, evaluate, analyse and comprehend. We follow the cognitive skills development methodology to gamify the design of the app.

Our Methodology

Over the course of the year, we have come to value a few important principles that we believe are crucial for a child’s overall development. We keep the principles in mind when designing our own set of questions to induce maximum learning.

Our Team

A group of truly enthusiastic tutors and teachers passionate about modern ways of teaching and experienced with 11+, a bunch of smart developers, our founder, and his kids got together to design the app in its current form and shape.

To find out more about us simply send a message and we will be very happy to connect with you.