11+ Guided Creative Writing Course for Years 3-6

Learn to write using various creative writing styles, challenge your vocabulary depth, get introduced to various writing prompts, build confidence and experience writing creatively.

Suitable For Students:

  • Who are preparing for 11+
  • Who are in either year 3, 4, 5 or 6.

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Course Details

Mode: Online / Email
Duration: 5 weeks course
Frequency: 1 creative writing assignment per week
Time commitment: 2 hours per week

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11+ Creative Writing

5 Weeks Course

Taught by Creative Writing Experts

What you'll learn

This course is specially designed to improve children's psychological and cognitive skills and instil confidence to face competitive/entrance exams. In the first week, they will get familiar with the complexity of topics asked in 11+ exams and learn the importance and correct use of the target language.
In the second week, children will learn to craft gripping plots, vivid settings and descriptions, realistic characters, and vibrant and riveting dialogue in their story.
In the Third Week, children will get hands-on experience in expressive writing.
In the fourth week, children will learn about persuasive writing in a fictional, editorial and short speech. They will learn about various rhetorical devices and how to employ them in their writing.

Course Goals

To prepare the student for the 11+ English creative writing paper that forms part of several Grammar and Independent school's secondary transfer test.
For students who are new to creative writing, this will introduce various creative writing styles that are important for preparing for the 11+ exam.
For students who already know creative writing, this is a great way to assess where you stand and ensure that you have mastered the skills required for the 11+ exam
This is a stepping stone course towards mastering the creative writing styles for 11+ exam. This course alone will not make you an expert but this is a great way to evaluate whether any further further work is required

How this course help with 11+?

This course will help the students familiarize themselves with the different writing styles and challenge them to write engaging content. Our meticulous evaluation will guide the students to identify their deficiencies and improve upon them. Our judiciously measured program will allow every child to explore, create, and learn something new every week.

How does it work?

We will send you assignments every week, which contain a set of instructions on how to write them. These assignments are based on different writing prompts that are common in 11+ and similar exams. Then you send us your work, and we conduct a thorough appraisal and get back to you with feedback that will help refine your writing skills.

Course Content

Why use guided creative writing

Why choose us?

Our creative writing courses are tailored to instill a long-lasting passion for creative writing. Our expert tutors focus on developing all essential techniques for 11+. Even if your child is not preparing for an 11+ entrance exam, it will be helpful in other exams, including SATS. Our courses are result-oriented, and we take pride in our evaluation process; it helps your child understand their mistakes and helps them figure out how they can improve and make their creative writing more effective.

What parents are saying?

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Awesome, 5 star, KidSmart app reviews from midwifeandlife
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