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The essence of creative writing lies in harnessing your creativity, expanding the horizons of imagination, and implementing innovative techniques related to poetics to limn narratives rich in descriptive detail and emotional content.

It requires guidance from an early age to hone and cultivate a child’s imaginative faculties. Our courses entails the nitty-gritty of this avant-garde form of writing with a focus on helping the students pass the competitive exams with flying colours.

Delve with us into the enchanting realm of literary tropes and rhetorical devices and empower your children to create a world of their own.

Why is creative writing important?

It is an essential part of the 11+ exam, and its importance is indubitable if you’re planning for your child to excel in higher studies. Creative writing not only widens the horizons of creativity, but it also improves your thought process and analytical abilities. It instils a sense of confidence in your child that gives him a voice to express his opinion.

Examiners are looking for expressive content rich in descriptive elements from the students. They want the pupils to push the boundaries of their imagination.

Our meticulously crafted course ensures that the students get the best guidance needed to refine and perfect their creative writing skills.

creative writing courses

How do we teach creative writing?

1. Strengthen Fundamentals

Our priority is to evaluate how proficient a child is in SPaG (Spelling, punctuation, and grammar) fundamentals. Thereafter, we make sure that the students familiarize themselves with the concepts of different writing techniques and styles.

We ensure that the students thoroughly learn the art of using literary devices and implement the same in their writing.

2. Sharpen Writing Skills

We help the students understand the essentials of structure, character development, and plot devices. We encourage them to avoid ‘thought’ verbs and adopt the use of sensory language. Our goal is to ensure that the students are exam-ready, guiding them on how to effectively manage time, and providing valuable writing tips for better results.

We regularly conduct a thorough appraisal and closely monitor the progress of our students, including providing feedback from time to time regarding their development and areas of improvement in the art of creative writing.

Benefits of Creative Writing

Boost imagination

It stimulates your brain cells and propels you to break mental barriers and think innovatively.

Build confidence

It helps you to develop your unique voice and gives you the confidence to assert opinions

Storytelling & literary techniques

Learn to compose simple stories with vivid descriptions. Embellish your text using inventive rhetorical devices and literary tropes.

Broaden vocabulary

It polishes a child's vocabulary skills, invariably helping him become particular about semantics and expand the range of words in the language.

Critical evaluation

The courses inculcate a sense of self-assessment from an early age. Becoming self-critical and self-aware paves the way for better overall development.

Artistic self-expression

Engaging in self-expression through creative writing surrounds you with positive thoughts and helps you get rid of negative emotions.

Let's get started

The journey to the magical world of writing starts here

Complete the evaluation assignment

Write a “story based on a picture”. The instructions for school years 3 & 4 and 5 & 6 are different. Please read them carefully before undertaking the assignment.

When completed take a picture of the writing or scan and send it to us via email. We will conduct an appraisal and provide thorough feedback. Based on the writing assignment, we will customize our online tutor-led course and prepare your child for the exams.

Please send us your completed assignment to our support email at

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What happens after evaluation?

creative writing for kids

On call consultation

Once you receive the evaluation report, we will call you to make sure that you fully understand the feedback and acquaint you with the recommendations.

Every child is unique so we like to ask parents about the strengths and weaknesses of the child to enable us to come up with a winning strategy.

A strategical approach focussed on the needs of the child works way better than applying generic approaches to every single child.

What 11+ creative writing services do we offer?

11+ Guided Writing Assignments

Probably the simplest way to get going with the writing assignments is to enrol for the guided writing subscription. We send you the assignments, you complete them, and we provide feedback.


11+ Creative Writing Solved Past Papers

Purchase a bundle of solved English past papers with answers and explanations, which include creative writing exercises or expressive writing tasks from the real exams.


11+ Creative Writing Mock Test

As exams get closer, it is recommended to sit for as many mock tests as possible to test yourself on different styles of writing under the exam-like pressure.

£25 one test

11+ Creative Writing Lessons

Tutor-led one-to-one or group lessons to get an in-depth understanding of the writing styles and techniques, various literary and rhetorical devices, utilizing the five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch), learning how to show, not tell and everything about writing.

£35 per session

11+ Creative Writing Revision Course

When you are short of time and the exams are near, a crash course will help you get kickstarted with writing. A word of caution for the parents to not use this crash course as the only form of creative writing preparation. Writing skills cannot be honed in a short period of time. This is a revision course that assumes that students are only looking for a refresher.

£150 for 5 classes

11+ Creative Writing Complete Course

This is a long term course that takes the students through a journey of writing from the fundamentals to advanced at a pace much slower than other courses.

Duration: 3 months (1 session per week)


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