Why is my account showing "Pending Verification"?

Your account is showing "Pending Verification" because you have not verified your email address yet. When you register we send you a verification code to your email. You need to use this code to verify your account until then you cannot access the full functionality on your account.

You you have not received any code then ensure that you have entered your email address correctly or resend the code to your email.

I did not get the email verification code. What do I do now?

There are two things you can do,

1. Check your email address and ensure that you have not misspelled it. If the email address is correct then click on the Resend Code button to receive a new code to your email.
2. If the email address is not correct then change your email and verify it.

In any case, if you still do not receive the email, then check your spam or junk folder as sometimes the emails may land in your spam folder. If it does then mark it as Not Spam.

How can I check my spam or junk folder?

Login to your email and look for a folder with the name "Spam" or "Junk".

How can I add more than 3 profiles in my account?

By default, a parent can add a maximum of 3 child profiles to the account but if you have a larger family then you can request additional profiles. The additional profiles are only allowed for members of the same family and cannot be used to add children from other families.

If you are a tutor and need to add more than 10 children then you can register for a tutor account.