Can I use the app on my laptop?

The learning app is also available as a website which you can use on your laptop, PC or a tablet.

Does the app work on Android phone or tablet?

The learning app works on the iPad or you can use the website on any device like PC, Laptop, Tablet etc. We would not recommend using the website on Android phone but you can try it on your Android tablet. For best learning experience, we recommend using the iPad.

Which version of iOS is the app compatible with?

The app is compatible with iOS version 9 and above. For example, if your iPad has iOS version 10 or 13 then the app should work on it but it has iOS version 8 then the app will not work.

Can I use the app on my iPhone?

Currently the app is not optimised for the iPhone. For best user experience, use the app on iPad or the website on any device that has the browser like your PC, Laptop, Tablet etc.