How to install KidSmart app on your iPad?

This article provides you with step-by-step instructions for installing the KidSmart app on your iPad.

KidSmart app is only supported on iPads with iOS version greater than 9.0

You need the iPad with internet connection enabled to perform the steps in the next section

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Open App Store on your iPad.
appstore icon
2. Search for KidSmart
search on appstore
3. Click GET to install the app
kidsmart on appstore
4. Open the app and click on the login button when you see the welcome screen.
welcome screen on the app
5. Enter your email and password.
login to kidsmart app

How to use KidSmart without iPad on website?

You can use a PC, laptop or a tablet device to the use the web app
1. Login to you parent account
login to kidsmart website
2. Go to Account by clicking on the menu on the left navigation panel
your account details
3.Add a child to you parent account
add child to your account
4. Take a note of the child username and password
5. Login to the portal using the child account
You can only login as a parent or child on a device at one time.