Can I try the app for free?

Yes, you can try the app free for 2 days. After that you can continue to use the app by paying the subscription amount for the plan you choose.

To start your free trial simply go to the pricing page and select the plan you want to try.

How do I subscribe after the trial expires?

The app will stop creating new worksheets after your trial expires and will inform you about it. You can simply log on to your account on the website and make the payment.

You can also chat with our support team who can assist you with the payment process.

Can I register for the trial again after it expires?

Technically you can by simply registering again with another email address but this won't help your child. The app will start from the beginning every time you register for trial and your child will not be able to make progress.

Your child will lose all the coins and stickers that your child will collect during the trial period and going back to start would be demotivating.

So, even though technically possible we strongly discourage signing up for multiple trials.

How much do I need to pay for the subscription?

The subscription payment depends on the plan you choose which is detailed on the pricing page.

Can I pay for 1 year in advance?

Sorry, but we currently only accept monthly payments. Get in touch with our support team who may be able to provide you options to suit your needs